Yurina Takei


Yurina Takei Growing up in the grand nature of Nagano, Yurina Takei is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter with a special voice that brings happiness. She began playing the piano at the age of 4 and started loving ‘stage’ so much as she learned hip-hop dance and musical during her junior high school years. During the first year of high school, she participated in Nodojiman Championship Contest on NHK and performed on the stage of NHK Hall. With such remarkable experience in her life, she began writing songs. Upon graduation of high school, she moved to Tokyo and released a mini album “Gloomy” via Sony Music Artists SMALLER RECORDINGS in 4/2012. ‘Kimi ni Telepathy’ included in her album “Gloomy” was selected as the theme song for POCARI Camera App launched in 8/2012. In 9/2012, she held her 2nd solo live tour at Shibuya gee-ge and Okaya Canora Hall. She is currently active in the live house scene in Tokyo.