Yasutaka Nakata


Yasutaka Nakata Yasutaka Nakata made his CD debut as a member of CAPSULE in 2001. He soon began producing popular artists such as Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and MEG who are not only popular in Japan, but also famous overseas. He has also been writing theme songs for various TV/radio projects such as the opening theme song for “ONE PIECE FILM Z” and the soundtracks for “LIAR GAME.”
Among his global works, he was the first Japanese person to work on a mix for Kylie Minogue and he also worked on soundtracks for “Star Trek Into Darkness.” His free-souled, yet stimulating music works have been highly recognized as well as his sense of fashion and creativity. With tremendous amount of attention and support for his talents, he also hosts regular parties and main acts as well as participate in big-scale festivals and fashion events.
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