Sayaka Shionoya


Sayaka-Shionoya Sayaka Shionoya participated in “EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~For Girls~” hosted by LDH inc. in 2011. Among the participants of approximately 30,000, she was selected as the finalist of the vocalist category and began to attract much attention. When she participated in “KING RECORDS Presents Dream Vocal Audition” in 2012, she was awarded the grand prize of “Dream Vocalist loved by ViVi” among about 10,000 participant and was entitled to the chance of major debut. With a strong presence and God-given voice full of expressions, she was highly praised for her talents and was chosen as one of the most promising divas of next generation at “TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2012A/W THE BEST VOCAL AUDITION.” She released her major debut single on 1/23/2013.
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