Yoshikuni Dohchin


Yoshikuni Dohchin Yoshikuni Dohchin made his debut on 3/7/2001 as a member of CHEMISTRY, the vocal duo of the time that sold a total of 18 million CDs. For his solo activities, he participated in a movie “Manatsu no Orion” in 2009 as an actor and in a musical “Samenagara Miru Yume” in 2011 as the main character.
In 2012, he began his activities as a solo musician and held his first solo live [Dohchin Yoshikuni “A La Musique”] on 10/8/2012 at Shibuya Public Hall where he stole the hearts of the entire audience with his strong determination as a rock musician. He made his official solo debut on 11/14/2012 with a double A-side single “Shout/hummingbird” and defined his music as “Tambient [tambi(=aesthetics) + ambient] Rock.”
His debut album “OUT THE BOX” was released on 2/27/2013 and a national tour [Dohchin Yoshikuni TOUR 2013 “OUT THE BOX”] kicked off the following month.
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