Do As Infinity


After Dai Nagano was hired by Avex as a composer, he held auditions to create a new group and finally selected Tomiko Van and Ryo Owatari as band members. It was in this unconventional way that Do As Infinity was founded in September 1999. After they debuted with their first single, Tangerine Dream, they commenced activities with a live in Shibuya. The band then spent the rest of the year doing street performances and events throughout Japan to raise the band’s profile. In December, their second single, Heart, was released and they participated in the big Avex Millennium Count Down 1999-2000.
Their next two singles were used as theme songs for a drama, movie and commercials, which made Do As Infinity known to a wider audience. Their first album, Break of dawn, went on sale in March 2003 and ranked #3 on the Oricon Charts. The band continued performing lives and steadily became one of the most popular bands in Japan. Many of their following releases were used as theme songs for commercials, TV shows and other similar projects.
Five singles, two albums (among them being New World, which ranked #1 on the Oricon Charts) and several videos and DVDs were released during 2001. This period of time was a very busy, as well as highly successful, time for Do As Infinity. Their biggest hit had been the song Fukai Mori, which was selected and used for the opening theme for the anime series “Inu Yasha” even though it was released two years previously.
In 2002, after the release of their album Do The Best, the band completed a successful tour in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Do As Infinity had many more releases even though Dai Nagano was no longer a highly active member of the band. He still remained the main composer, but he no longer appeared at photo shoots or other promotional events, instead choosing to devote his time purely to composition.
In September 2005, the group announced they would be disbanding. Their last concert was held at the Nippon Budokan on November 25th.
After the suspension of band activities, Dai Nagano worked as a composer for big Japanese artists whilst Tomiko Van started solo activities. Similarly, Ryo Owatari ensured himself a continuing musical career with the band Missile Innovation.
However, on September 29, 2008, the band officially restarted activities, performing at a number of events. It has been announced that the band is planning a brand new release due out in January 2009.
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