NIGHTMARE has eagerness for advance overseas “We want to do solo performance in other country.


NIGHT MARE who just made great success with their commanding solo performance in overseas are showing their eagerness for advance overseas. They just had first solo show at JAPAN EXPO in Paris, France and about 5000 people went wild over for it.

During recent years, Many of Visual Kei bands expand their activity internationally, however NIGHTMARE did not proceed their performance in overseas after 10 years of major debut till now, so they were called “The biggest Visual Kei band who has not been advanced overseas”.

Vocalist Yomi left message on radio program “V-obsession” of Internet Radio Station called “Enjoy Network Japan” for overseas and he spoke ” I was so surprised to see so many fans were waiting for us in overseas. I totally got eagerness for having solo shows more often in foreign countries.” He also left message in English and made an appeal the band for fans in overseas.

NIGHTMARE is releasing both 10th anniversary single “Dizzy” and Live DVD NIGHTMARE TOUR 2013 “beautiful SCUMS” on August 21st at same time.

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