Naoya Urata


Naoya Urata Naoya Urata (born November 10, 1982; Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese singer, actor and dancer member of the popular J-Pop band AAA (Attack All Around) since their debut in September, 2005.
Naoya is currently working on a solo project with TinyVoice Production and Avex under the name “Ura”. His demo song “Starting All Over” can be heard on his website.
He was a stage dancer for the famous Ayumi Hamasaki’s Dome Tour and Stadium Tour. Naoya also appeared in the PVs Grateful Days, Eventful and Tándem by Ayumi Hamasaki, Ami Suzuki and Halcali respectively.
Naoya is one of the first AAA members to establish a solo career, making of the album TURN OVER his debut project.
He has collaborated with many famous Japanese stars such as Ayumi Hamasaki (Dream ON and ANother song) and Tetsuya Komuro (L.W.R. and Ayrton).
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