Ryota Fujimaki


Ryota Fujimaki Ryota Fujimaki formed Remioromen in 12/2000 as the guitarist/vocalist with Keisuke Maeda (B) and Osamu Jinguji (Dr). Many of Remioromen’s songs including ‘3/9,’ ‘Minamikaze’ and ‘Konayuki’ attracted much attention and support from fans. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 3/2011, Fujimaki visited affected areas by himself to perform for earthquake victims. After the announcement of Remioromen’s hiatus in 2/2012, he released his 1st solo single “Hikari wo Atsumete.” He then released his 2nd single “Gesshoku / Beautiful Day” in 8/2012 and his 1st solo album “Ookami Seinen” in 10/2012. His very 1st solo tour [Ryota Fujimaki TOUR 2013 “Ookami Seinen”] kicked off in 1/2013.
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