Tiina Kariina


Tiina Kariina Tiina Kariina is a female singer/songwriter from Ikeda City, Osaka. She began her musical activities while she was in college. After graduation, she worked at a local department store while writing songs and performing lives. In the spring of 2011, she sent off her demo tape to about 50 different labels/managements in hopes to pursue a career as a musician. Among the 50, Edward Entertainment in Sendai offered her a contract, so she decided to relocate to Sendai. Even prior to her official debut, her song ‘Kagayaite’ was chosen as the theme song for POLA’s TV commercial in 4/2012. In 9/2012, she finally made her major debut with a mini album “Tiina Kariina.” Included in this album, ‘Anta,’ a love song written in Kansai dialect that expressed a woman’s emotions, gained so much attention that it was released as a separate single on 10/17.
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