TOKYO BRASS STYLE Tokyo Brass Style (TBS) was formed in 2002 with some horn players who were performing on the street then. The band eventually evolved into an eleven-piece all women brass unit. Since each member in the band has various musical backgrounds, their performing genre is very diverse with funk, ska, swing, Latin and many other influences. With their variety of innovative brass arrangements, they have regenerated the national and classic anime songs into timeless masterpiece. In 2005, they made their album debut form indies label. In December 2006, their 3rd album, a cover album of popular songs from Studio Ghibuli’s anime, became a hit. Because of the success of this record, they signed to Universal Classic & Jazz. In August 8 2007, they made a major debut with the album 『Brasta Tengoku』. They released their first single 『Brasta X’mas』 in November. Then in December, they released a cover album 『Brasta G』 which covered 6 theme songs from the 5 most popular anime of all time. In March 2008, another cover album 『Brasta Koushien』 which covered popular hardcore baseball anime songs was released. Currently, they are actively performing at live shows and events mostly around Tokyo and Osaka area.
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