The Rouges


TheRouges Members: Paako (Dr & Main Vo), Hiyoko (Gt & Vo), Yui-chan(Ba、Vo)
Miraculous fusion of 60’s girls pop, 70’s punk and power pop is what The Rouges is all about! It may sound somewhat cheap and rough, but it’s as pop as it could ever get! The voices of these cute girls are not only bright and fresh, but also brings nostalgia for oldies! The debut of this young new comer group with the average age of 22 years old was a pleasant surprise for our current generation of music. This 3-piece candy rock band’s name is “The Rouges” and their sensational looks are most definitely unprecedented.
In August, 2012, as their previous band’s bassist left the band, they renamed themselves as “The Rouges” and stayed active in the live scene. Their cheap, but pop music helped them establish themselves as the top of B-grade pop. Also, their flashy looks and unprecedented staging attracted much attention as they invaded one live house after another. All of the songs in The Rouges’ 1st mini album are equally catchy and easy to remember that you shouldn’t leave any one out of the six songs to experience their world of music to the fullest. They’re all sweet and bubbly that they deserve to be called bubblegum pop! With a perfect blend of 60’s girls pop and 70’s power pop in great tastes, they may be B-grade but still as strong as mainstream, and extremely pop, but rough. That’s what truly portray The Rouges’ unique tastes and expression not only in music but also in fashion!
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