Live Broadcasting of “flumpool’s” live decided, the next action for the fifth anniversary revealed



<TOKYO FM & JFN present EARTH × HEART LIVE 2013> which will take place at NHK hall on April 17th with flumpool and Mayday who is greatly popular in the Greater China will be broadcasted live on A-Pop channel of YouTube and flumpool official channel.

For the fans who can’t make it to this live, the live broadcasting will be a must see since flumpool who will have their fifth anniversary on October 1st 2013 and will be announcing their next action on this stage.

Furthermore, the package for the live Blu-ray & DVD 『flumpool Special Live 2013“experience”at YOKOHAMA ARENA』 which will be released on April 24th became open to the public. It is a 10 sided puzzle pop package with live cut pictures of the members on all 10 sides. On top of that, it is luxuriously built where you could build it into square and triangular shape with an arrangement. Pick your favorite side out of the 10 and build it with layout.

Starting from today, on flumpool official YouTube channel, teaser advertisement of the live Blu-ray & DVD will be open to the public. Not only can you check out the live footage that took place in Yokohama Arena in January, but videos of the first single performance in Taiwan which will be included in the special footage, will be available before its release.

LIVE DVD&Blu-ray
『flumpool Special Live 2013“experience”at YOKOHAMA ARENA』
2013 April 24th on sale
●Blu-ray Disc
AZXS-1002 6,700 yen (w/tax)
Blu-ray(Main Part)+DVD(Special Footage)
[DISC-1] Main Part (125分 long)

1.Donnamirainimo aiwaaru
4.Natural Venus
5.The great escape
6.Kotoshino sakura
8.Bokuwa kokoniiru
10.Kasanoshitade kimiwa…
11.two of us
12.Kakusei Identity
13.Because… I am
14.reboot ~Akiramenai uta~
17.Hoshini negaiwo
[DISC‐2]Special footage (67分 long)
Live and documentary videos of the first single performance in Taiwan
The documentary footage includes not only live videos from the first single performance in Taiwan “experience Taiwan Hatsutaiken” which took place on March 1st and 2nd but backstage footage, local TV and radio appearance, and members activities in Taiwan.

■Songs Included
Over the rain ~Hikarinohashi~
●DVD Disc
AZBS-1011 5,700 yen (w/tax)
DVD (Two discs) (Main Part+Special Footage)

[DISC-1]Main Part (125 minutes long )
[DISC‐2]Special Footage(67 minutes long)
※Blu-ray Disc・DVD Disc will both have the same footage.
【Benefit for purchasing with reservation】
experience Original earphone code holder
※Both DVD/Blu-ray subject to benefits.
※Limited numbers on code holder
※Some online sites like AMAZON and CD shops will not come with this benefit.
Make sure you check with the online site or CD shop before you make your reservation.

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