B’z Is Releasing 25th Anniversary All-single Best Album. The Album Is Said to Feature New Songs.



September 21th will be the 25th anniversary for Japanese rock legend B’z. They have announced the release of their 25th anniversary All- Single Best Album and following nation-wide tour.

Through their long career of 25 years, B’z released 50 singles, 5 Eps and 18 albums. They already have released best albums such as “Pleasure”, “Treasure” ,“Ballads” ,“Pleasure Ⅱ” ,“Ultra Pleasure” and “Ultra Treasure”. But this will be their fist Best Album featuring only single hits.

The album features all the singles (52 singles Including double A side singles) from their debut single “Dakara Sono Te Wo Hanashite (So please let go your hand)” to their 50th single released in 2012 “Go For It Baby-Kiokuno Sammyaku (Go For It Baby-Mountains of Memories) in the order of release date and will be released as “B’z The Best XXV 1988-1998” and as “B’z The Best XXV 1999-2012” (XXV means 25). Both CDs will be released on the same day June 12th 2013.

It will be 4-CD project (Each album with 2 discs) but to fans it’s a great chance to look back on B’z’s discography in the order of release date and at the end of each CD is a new song from B’z. So the album project has 4 new songs.The albums can be considered as sound-biography to enjoy the change in their sound, lyric, guitar sound, vocal productions.

3 days after the release is the first day of their nation-wide tour .

” I am very grateful for my 25 years of wonderful experience and great scenery I’ve got to witness. And I see this as a great opportunity for us to look back on our career, music, and videos. I think our fans can enjoy the sound history of B’z with the new songs we added. Also this is a unique project to see music videos shot by great videographers with unique perspectives.I remember some shooting shoots were so harsh.I would like to give back to our fans for all the support and care. I really hope they enjoy these best albums and Pleasure tour in summer after 5 years’ break. Enjoy “ENDLESS SUMMER with B’z!” ,TAKAHIRO MATSUMOTO says.

I’m amazed by the fact that we ‘be played together for a quarter of a century. This album comes with all singles in the order of release date along with music videos that features each era of B’z. But it also has new songs that represents our current sound. So I hope the audience enjoy both elements. I know some fans listened to us for 25 years and some for 20 years or 10 years. Through the years we’ve got to bond with fans from different times. Even from now on, we would like to continue as a band that makes the audience want to listen to and drives them to the clubs.As the tour title “ENDLESS SUMMER” says, I hope to show that our summer will never end. This 25th year is the new start for us. Please stay tuned with your continuous support. “ Koshi Inaba says.

Both of the first limited press have special DVDs and features the promotional videos of all the singles.These videos are also lined in the order of release date. Fans can enjoy them as a history video from their debut in 1988 to 2013. Since they never featured any videos in their CDs, this will make their fans even happier about this project.

The Videos also include Unreleased live performance of ”ALONE”(9th single,released in 1991) from .

“B’z The Best XXV 1988-1998” has 26 sings from their debut single “DAKARA SONO TE WO HANASHITE (So please let go your hand)” to 25th single “HOME”. “B’z The Best XXV 1999-2012” has 26th single “Giri Giri Chop” to “Go For It Baby-Kiokuno Sammyaku (Go For It Baby-Mountains of Memories) . Not only that, those CDs features new songs called “HEAT”, “KAKUSIN(Core of Heart)” “Q&A” and “EUTOPIA” , one on each disc.

The first limited edition with 27 music videos is priced 3,500 yen (tax in) and regular edition (CD only) is priced 2,800 yen. The comparably low price for the mount of songs is also an attraction of these CDs. Please mark your calendar for the release date, June 12th.

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