Ayumi Hamasaki


Ayumi Hamasaki (born in 1978) is the Madonna of the J-Pop world–or perhaps she is more than that. Having dominated the Japanese music scene ever since her debut single “poker face,”(released April 8, 1998) Ayumi Hamasaki is a force to be reckoned with, in Japan and throughout the world.
When her first album, released on January 1st, 1999, “A Song for xx,” recorded a million in sales, she was immediately dubbed “utahime” (song princess) by the Japanese media. From 2001-2003, the ‘song princess’ went on to win Japan Record Awards three years in a row–something no one had ever done before.
Ayumi Hamasaki’s indelible mark on J-Pop history spans 47 singles, 10 original albums, and a record for being the first solo artist to ever break 20 million in singles sales. In addition, she has achieved five major accomplishments on the Oricon music charts: 1)most singles sold, 2)34 titles that have made it to number one, 3)broken the top 10 45 times, 4)made number one 12 years in a row, and 5)released 22 titles in a row that have debuted at number one! Her most recent album, “NEXT LEVEL” (her 10th original album to date, released in March of 2009), has also made number one on the Oricon album chart!
Ayumi Hamasaki writes all of her own lyrics– said to be captivating from the first listen. It is her consistent presence in all of her songs and work that allows her to maintain a strong fan base–comprised mainly of women across all age groups. This female oriented fan base has made her hugely influential in the fashion and makeup worlds as well. As a trend-setter she has been named “Nail Queen” and “Best Jean-ist” in years past.
Ayumi Hamasaki’s career is not just limited to Japan; she has also tour across Asia–playing in various cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taipei– all with much success.
Ayumi Hamasaki’s amazing career continues with no limit in sight.
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