KNOCK-OUT-MONKEY A 4-piece rock band based out of Kobe.
KNOCK OUT MONKEY has established their unique sound by combining elements of Loud, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Metal, Emo, and Hardcore with their backbone of Melodic Punk. The 4-piece band plays high-energy shows all over the country.
KNOCK OUT MONKEY released a Tower Records limited edition single, “HOPE”, which spread throughout the rock scene by word of mouth. In April, they played PUNKSPRING2012 at Kobe World Memorial Hall, and put on a brilliant performance to a hometown crowd of 8000.
They went on to perform with MANAFEST (Canada) and as the support act for ANDREW W.K. (USA). These international performances have been broadening KNOCK OUT MONKEY’s fan base at a rapid pace.
July 18, 2012: Released mini-album, “0→Future”, as a TOWER RECORDS limited release.
July 22, 2012: Performed on the VELVET CIRCUS stage at JOIN ALIVE 2012. Despite, it being the band’s first summer festival and their first Hokkaido concert, they blew away the crowd of 2000.
August 18 & 19, 2012: Performed at SUMMER SONIC 2012 in Tokyo and Osaka.
KNOCK OUT MONKEY’s songs are so catchy that once you hear them, they won’t let you go. Their live performances are so mesmerizing that you can’t help but dance. They are definitely worth seeing live.
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