Dai Hirai


Dai Hirai Born on May 3rd, 1991, in Tokyo. Due to the influence by his father who was a guitar and surfing fanatic, he was fond of the ocean from a very young age. He became interested in music and began playing the Ukulele from the age of three after his grandmother gave it to him as a present. He started improving in leaps and bounds after witnessing the play of a top player. At the age of 17, began music as a ukulele player.
After that, became a singer-songwriter. His current form of music came into shape during this time and began creating demo tapes. His heartwarming, lingering vocals and lyrics, catchy melody lines heal the hearts of the listener. The acoustic, healing tone of the ukulele accompanying his island music create his current sound.
In 2011, the song “ONE LOVE ~Pacific Harmony~” was chosen as the official image song for Hawaii’s biggest event “Honolulu Festival”. On May 11th, released the single “Island Girl feat. ALEXXX” from the yet to come EP, “OHANA”. The single ranked 1st place on the USEN Indies general chart, and the Rekochoku Club Full Weekly Chart. In October of that year, released the 1st single, “Inoribana”.
He was also chosen as one of the most successful up-and-coming new comers predicted by Itunes’ JAPAN SOUND OF 2012.
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