Rapbito In September 2007, their rap version of the opening theme song for “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”, “Hito Toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru” (Kenji Otsuki & Zetsubou Shoujo Tachi), was uploaded to Niconico and ranked in at 2nd place. The song continued to rank in near the top.
Despite being just a 20-year-old amateur artist, his works’ high degree of perfection, loyalty to the original work, along with his exquisite lyrics drew much attention on many websites including Youtube. Although his video from those days has been deleted, number of accesses to his music video marked more than 400,000. Number of “My list” links on Niconico was also historically significant. The original song, “When They Cry” marked 10th in the Myspace music weekly chart, and the music video had more than 200,000 views.
He is currently one of the most talked-about rapper/beatmaker to be born from the Internet.
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