flumpool / New Album Release & Live in Taiwan!


flumpool’s new album “experience” will be released in Taiwan and Hong Kong. This special release became possible as flumpool participated in Taiwan’s rock festival “SUPER SLIPPA PART2” in October, 2010 where the Taiwanese rock band “Mayday(五月天)” performed as the headliner. Mayday and flumpool have developed friendship and stayed in close touch ever since. With the help of Mayday’s management “B’in Music,” flumpool’s release plan in Asia region has been finally carried out. The release of “experience” in Taiwan and Hong Kong is scheduled for the end of February.

In addition to the same track list of the domestic edition, the overseas edition of “experience” will include the Chinese version of ‘Akashi’ with Ryuta Yamamura singing the Chinese lyrics written by Mayday’s vocalist Ashin. This edition also will include the Japanese version of Mayday’s hit number ‘OAOA.’

Soon after the new release, flumpool will be in Taiwan on 3/2 for a solo live at Legacy TAIPEI to have Taiwanese fans to experience the songs in “experience” live.

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