Aira Mitsuki debuted in 2007.
She advanced overseas in Jan ’08 and had her first performance in Beijing China.
1st album “COPY” is released in Sep ’08 and it won a prize the iTunes best new artist at the end of same year.
Then She has released 3 Albums(Mini Album), 8 Singles, 1 DVD in total.
A single marked chart 9th in Oricon chart.
A single came in 9th the highest place ever for her career in Oricon chart.
A tour of last year was a sellout crowd of 1300 at Shibuya O-EAST and she performed at the biggest Japanese urban music festival “SUMMER SONIC 2010” in this year.
She has grown as a girls artist to watch.
And she release a new album “???(Three Question)” for the first time in a year and 4 months since last full-album.
“HAN JAE HO, KIM SEUNG SOO, AN JUN SUNG” who are important people of the latest K-POP scene offered a song and “Terukado” who has been producing Aira Mitsuki since her debut has sound produced it.
This song has been completed as the collaboration between Japan and Koria.
For the artist collaboration contains a song featuring “Tamaki ROY”
who is a hot Rapper appeared on the cover of music magazine “bounce” for latest his work and had performed at the Fuji Rock Festival for the second consecutive year.
And more, she has covered a song for 2010 ver. “AISHI AISARETE IKIRUNOSA”(Ozawa Kenji) which was hit for the best anthem of “Shibuya-Kei” in the 90s.
The ultimate album has been completed.
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