Kinoko Teikoku


Kinoko Teikoku
Gt,Vo Chiaki Sato /Gt, Achan / Ba, Shigeaki Taniguchi / Dr, “Kon” Nichimura
2007: Band formed.
2008: The band started actively performing.
May 2012: A debut album ”Uzu ni Naru” released from DAIZAWA RECORDS/UK.PROJECT inc.
February 2013: First full album “eureka” released. The band had the first solo show at UNIT Daikanyama.2
December 2013: 5-song EP “Long Good Bye” Released. The band went on Tokyo, Nagoya Osaka solo show tour titled “Hanataba wo Motte Kimi ni Aini Iko”.
September 2014: An exclusive 100 yen single “Tokyo” sold for the promotion of the album.
October 2014: Second full album “Fake World Wonderland” Released. Tokyo-Osaka promotional tour “CITY GIRL CITY BOY” held at Umeda CLUB QUATTRO and Akasaka BLITZ.
February 2015: “Fake World Wonderland” made it to the final ten albums of the 7th annual CD store award.
April 2015: Major debut from Universal Music Group EMI Records with “Sakura ga Saku Maeni”
November 2015: Major label first album “Neko to Allergy” released. The band went on seven show tour titled “Kaiju to Neko no Two Man Tour” featuring guests at each show.
March 2016:Nine-show tour “Kimi to Takaramono wo Sagasu Tour” was a big success all the way till the final held at Nakano Sun Plaza.
June 2016: “Cry Baby” released on June 29th (Wed)
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