NICO Touches the Walls


NICO Touch the Walls Formed by Tatsuya Mitsumura(Vo/G), Daisuke Furumura(G) and Shingo Sakakura(B) in 4/2004 and joined by Shotaro Tsushima(Dr) in 7/2004, NICO Touches the Walls started their band activities in 2005 around Shibuya in Tokyo and Kashiwa in Chiba. They released their first mini album “Walls Is Beginning” in 2/2006 from an indies label and made their major debut with the mini album “How are you?” in 11/2007. Their very first full album “Who are you?” was released in 9/2008 and the second full album “Aurora” in 11/2009. They held their first Nippon Budokan live in 3/2010. With their third album “PASSENGER” released in 4/2011, a single “Te wo Tatake” released in 7/2011 and the fourth album “HUMANIA” released in 12/2011, they presented new aspects of their musical potentials. They also successfully carried out a solo live at Makuhari Messe Event Hall in 3/2012. They released 2 singles “Natsu no Daisankakkei” and “Yume Ichigou” in 2012.
Shingo Sakakura(B.) Birthdate: 7/24/1985
Shotaro Tsushima(Dr.) Birthdate: 1/28/1985
Tatsuya Mitsumura(Vo.&Gt.) Birthdate: 9/8/1985
Daisuke Furumura(Gt.) Birthdate: 3/1/1985
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