Ito Kanako / First Solo Live in Taiwan!


Kanako Ito
Famous for singing theme songs for anime, such as “STEINS;GATE,” “Kishin Houkou Demonbane,” “Blassreiter” and “School Days,” Ito Kanako has made an announcement that she will be singing the ending theme song for the second half season of “ROBOTICS;NOTES.”

Not only in Japan, but she has also been gaining much recognition and fans in Taiwan as she participated in various anime-related events in Taiwan. She recently performed at a special event for the Chinese version of “STEINS;GATE.” She recently held her very first solo live “Ito Kanako Taipei Live 2012” on 12/14(Fri) at THE WALL in Taipei City where she was welcomed by a warm crowd of local fans.

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