DJ Fumiya


Rip Slyme DJ. He began DJing at the age of 14, and his first-place victory at a DJ battle organized by a club ultimately led to his participation in many artists’ tours and recording sessions. At 18 he joined Rip Slyme, and the hip-hop group had its mainstream debut in 2001. It has since released many hits including “One”, “Rakuen Baby”, and “Nettaiya”. He also has produced, composed, and remixed for other artists such as Bird, Kozue Ayuse, Little, Halicali, Kohei Japan, Magokoro Brothers, Yo-King, Fantastic Plastic Machines, Mr. Children, and Tomoyasu Hotei. He is now actively DJing at club events, and spins mainly electro house, baile funk, and drum ‘n’ bass. He released his first mix CD DJ Fumiya in the Mix in 2010, and he released his much-anticipated original album Beats for Daddy in 2012.
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