DE DE MOUSE / Live Streaming Prior to Solo Live


DE DE MOUSE will be on live streaming via USTREAM on 12/4/2012(Tues) prior to his solo live on 12/6(Thurs) at Akasaka BLITZ for the release of his 4th album “sky was dark.” Live streaming before a solo live has become a regular program for DE DE MOUSE.

In previous live streaming programs, he didn’t only perform live, but also showed various scenes such as eating nagashi-somen (flowing noodles) and wontons. Such free-spirited programs have gained a lot of attention among the fans and became quite popular. All the fans are already looking forward to what kind of special program this live streaming will be. Check out the information below and find out for yourself!

Live Streaming Information:
Live streaming prior to DE DE MOUSE’s solo live!
Date: 12/4/2012(Tues) 22:00~ (JST)
Live Information:
“DE DE MOUSE day all stars session”
Date: 12/6/2012(Thurs)
Venue: Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo
Time: OPEN 18:30 / START 19:30
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