SID / Successful Lives in Taiwan, First Step to World Stage


After their grand nationwide tour of 42 lives in Japan which attracted a total audience of 100,000, SID took a great step towards the world stage with their live held on 11/17&18 in Taiwan.

Despite the fact this was SID’s very first time to visit Taiwan, there was a crowd of more than 400 fans waiting at the airport to welcome the members. Such warm welcome by the fans was another proof of SID’s popularity in Taiwan in addition to their live tickets being sold out within 10 minutes after the ticketing began and ranking #1 on G-Music J-POP/K-POP chart (a prominent local music chart equivalent of Oricon in Japan).

The lives over 2 days attracted an audience of 2,600 in total. They performed their brand new single ‘V.I.P’ and many of popular numbers such as ‘Monokuro no Kiss,’ ‘Uso,’ ‘Rain’ and ‘S’. The lives in Taiwan successfully marked SID’s first step into the world stage.

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