10-FEET started in 1997 in Kyoto.
Although they look like a simple 3-piece, the base melocore sound is mixed with rock, punk, heavy metal, reggae, hip hop, guitar pop, bossa nova etc establishing 10-feet’s unique style.
Doing over 100 high energy shows each year, with each performance overwhelming, yet full of humanity. Their lyrics cover a variety of topics both deep and frivolous, their personality quirks will bring a smile to your face. 10-feet are pure entertainers.
Having toured not only Japan, but also the USA, Korea and Taiwan, 10-feet is one of the few Japanese bands whose music has the power to cross borders.
Their first releases came in April and May 2001. The singles april fool and May I help you? were released on the independent label BUDDY.
The next year, in April, they released their first album called Springman. They started touring again, and the final concert of the tour was held at the Shibuya O-west; it was sold out. In October, they released their third single River. In November, they left Tokyo and went back to their home base, Kyoto.
In 2003 they started their own label called BADASS, on which they released their fourth single Nil? In the same year, they had their first one-man concert at Shibuya AX. This concert was sold out as well. Their success only continued to grow, resulting in more performances and releases. April 2006 brought the release of a special compilation album of their work with other artists such as MINMI and Kj from Dragon Ash.
In the following year, their 2004 album REALIFE was released in Korea, expressing their interest in reaching an international market.
In 2008, the band continued with their overseas activities. In July, the band performed along with various other Japanese acts at the famous FORMOZ festival in Taiwan. A few months later, they headed to the States for a six-stop West Coast tour.or 2009, the band has already produced two singles, their eleventh and twelfth singles, respectively. Their impressive discography continues to grow steadily.
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