YOSHIKI / Donation of ‘Chance to Sing X Japan’s Song with YOSHIKI on Piano’


YOSHIKI (X JAPAN) has made a donation of ‘a chance to sing X Japan’s song with YOSHIKI on piano’ for a charity auction by “Make a Wish Japan. This special donation was made through an NPO charity organization “Yoshiki Foundation America” and all bids from Japan and other parts of the world are accepted for this auction. The successful bidder will be given a chance to sing one of the songs composed by YOSHIKI with YOSHIKI himself on piano. The singing will be recorded at a studio and a CD with the recorded track will be given to the bidder as a present.
YOSHIKI’s previous donation of ‘an invitation for a private dinner with YOSHIKI’ to a charity auction by a volunteer support organization “Points of Light” had the highest bid of about 2,900,000 yen. Many high bids are also expected for this auction as the auction is going to close at 17:30(JST) on 11/2/2012(Fri).
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