Takao Amori : Acoustic Guitar
Yusaku Tsuchiya : Violin
Kazuhiro “GUNJI” Fujita : Piano
Masakazu Hilao : Percussion
Shusaku Yamamoto : Contrabass
Takayuki Manabe : Classic Guitar
SIBERIAN NEWSPAPER, formed by Takao Amori in 2005, is an acoustic septet consisting of Violin, Acoustic guitar, Classic guitar, Contrabass, Piano, Percussion and Didgeridoo. The unique combination of the instruments weaves together to break free from the conventional Rock music. They keep the time, the place and the occasion in mind, Their variable ensemble is sometimes gentle and sometimes rude to evoke the scene, colors, smells, memory and feeling from your deep inside. Their 1st album “ASIATIC APY” was released in 2006, which received high praise from inside and outside of Japan. A half year later, they made a big success in “IN THE CITY” Manchester U.K. “Like all music of the world.” stated local media, and the reputation gradually spread. Having heard this news, BBC RADIO aired their songs over and over. In 2007, they performed at FUJIROCK FESTIVAL, the biggest rock festival in Japan. Their 2nd album “COMICAL SALUTE” was released in 2008. In 2009 “The Four Seasons” released ,an innovative remake of Antonio Vivaldi’s famous classical work of the same name. The band freely combine and mix styles from around the world including European folk, gipsy swing, blues, latin, irish, bossa nova, ska, and even metal and minimal music. The album’s twelve songs each evoke different landscapes of the world’s seasons.
In 2010, They have held one band music festival “ZOOBERIAN” by themselves. The band played 65 songs from 12 pm to 10 pm.
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