Onmyo-Za / Powerful Live Performance in Full Spirit in Taiwan


Having established a wide range of fans in and out of Japan with their extremely unique style of music, Onmyo-Za carried out their first tour in Taiwan, titled “Uruwashi no Shimani Tamashiiwo Aunari.”
They haven’t been active overseas since their very first tour in Europe in 2006, so it was such a pleasant surprise when their tickets for Taiwan lives were sold out immediately after the ticketing began. THE WALL has become a common live venue for Japanese artists, but it was a very rare case that the tickets were sold out right away. This most definitely proved how much the fans in Taiwan have been looking forward to Onmyo-Za’s lives all along.
All members of Onmyo-Za expressed how touched they were by the enthusiastic welcome of their fans in Taiwan. There is no doubt that the Taiwan tour became one of the most memorable, historical and legendary performances in Onmyo-Za’s history.
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