“Ann” a singer with a sweet voice who has excelled in the club scene by support from her peers.
Born on August 18th, 1988, in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. From a young age, she was constantly surrounded by music in her home and she began her career as a singer at the age of 17. She performed live in her hometown where she caught the attention of the organizer for a national tour event “Fine Night” held by “Fine”, a popular surf & street magazine. She performed for the first time at this event at the age of 21. She experienced her first big stage.
In April 2010, made her download single debut with “Original Color Feat. Hi-D”. Her 2nd download single was “ETERNITY”, 3rd was “Aenaihodo”, and 4th was “Asteres –Inori-“. The latter 3 singles all marked 1st place in the Recochoku Club Chart despite having no tie-ups. Her unusual feat earned her much attention, resulting in appearances with BARKS news and TV Asahi’s “Yajiuma TV”. In December 2010, released her 5th single “Snow Berry –Yuki no Hana-“. In January 2011, released her 6th single “tears”, a cover of a classic by Fayray.
Aside from her solo work, she appears in “Give a little / KM-MARKIT, SPHERE & -ann=”, a charity song from the project “JP 2 HAITI” run by DJ YUTAKA and ZEEBRA. She also appears in “052 BIG BOSS”, Nagoya HIPHOP scenes’leading artist DJ MOTO a.k.a. DON GRANDE’s album.
In February 2011, released her 1st album “Sweet Days”. The single “Aenaihodoni” is used for the ending theme song for TV Osaka’s “NIGHTCRUSING”, and TV Aichi’s “SHAKE! FREE TV”.
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