Sonomi Tameoka


Sonomi Tameoka started playing the piano at the age of three, and purchased a keyboard at the age of fourteen to start composing. At the age of fifteen, she found her new interest in dance inspired by her sister, getting in touch with black music such as hiphop, breakin’ , jazz, and house and R&B.
Later, while she was in music university, she started her career as composer, lyricist, back up singer and vocal director for major works. She also wrote for artist such as chemistry, Sowelu, MayJ, YA-KYIM and Toko Furuuchi.
Also, she joined Jazztronik’s album “Grand Blue” for “Voyage” and “oneness”from “JTK”. She actively performed gaining great review as a vocalist. She did back up vocals for Tip Syme’s “Good Day” from the album “Journey” and toured with them after that.
On July 8th she release her solo album “MOVIN’ ON”, becoming a long hit after hitting the top 10 in inTunes R&B chart. The title track “MOVIN’ ON” was selected as the ending theme song for “Omoikkiri DON!” aired on Nippon TV.