Namie Amuro / Welcomed by Mass Media in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore


As Namie Amuro visited Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore for promotion, she was welcomed enthusiastically by the swarming local media. She set a new record with her recent album “Uncontrolled” which ranked #1 on the regional chart of 5 countries in Asia consecutively after her previous album.
Following the footsteps of her previous album “PAST<FUTURE” released 2 1/2 years ago, her new album ranked #1 in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. For Hong Kong in particular, she ranked #1 for 2 consecutive weeks on the one and only J-POP chart “HMV Hong Kong J/K POP Weekly Chart.” It is said to be extremely rare for a CD to rank #1 for 2 weeks in Hong Kong, but “PAST<FUTURE” has managed to stay #1 for 6 weeks in a row and now “Uncontrolled” for 2 weeks. The new album also ranked #1 on the radio charts in Taiwan and Hong Kong, proving that she has won over the hearts of many listeners all over Asia.
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