Formed in March 2006. Has collaborated with the likes of Boobie Trap, DRADNATS, FOUR GET ME A NOTS, GARLICBOYS, HOT SQUALL, Jr. MONSTER, S.M.N, and UPPER. Has gradually attained national recognition with their appearance in events such as “SET YOU FREE”. Have been active mainly in their hometown venue, Yokosuka PUMPKIN.
A duo consisting of composer/producer sat (Satoshi Yaginuma) and voice actress (Yoshino Nanjou). The band was formed in 2002 and made their major debut in 2008 with nao (original singer) and sat. In 2009, Yoshino Nanjou replaced nao as vocalist and the band re-debuted with the single “only my railgun” which was featured as the opening theme song for the animation “Toaru Kagaku no Cho Denjihou”. Since then, their songs have been featured in numerous animations and games. They further marked their presence with their 2010 album “infinite synthesis”. Their 4th single “Heaven is a Place on Earth” released in August 2011, was featured as the theme song for the animation movie “Gekijouban Hayate no Gotoku! HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH”. The song attracted new fans with its refreshing new sound. In December 2012, released their 10th anniversary album “Decade”.
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