MAX MAX’s music combines both old-style and modern eurobeat and is mixed with samples of popular western music.
The group consists of four girls, which all have their own specialty: Nana is the most playful and cheerful of the group and is one of the stronger dancers, meaning that she is often at the forefront of any dance routines during their live performances. Reina is the main vocalist along with Mina. She is known for her soft and high range voice.Mina is one of the more serious members of the group, rarely smiling, but she makes up for this with her strong voice. Lina normally takes the role of a backing singer as her specialty is dancing.
MAX is one of the most popular Jpop groups in Japan and have shown us a style that will keep them popular for a long time to come.
Vocals: Nana
Vocals: Mina
Vocals: Lina
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