Angela Aki / 1st promotional visit overseas to Hong Kong


Angel Aki visited Hong Kong June 30th –July 1 as an initial promotion overseas since her debut. Her most successful single tune “Tegami〜Haikei Juhgono kimie〜” released in 2008 was covered by a Hong Kong singer Sherman Chung titled “A Letter to Myself (給自己的信)” and became a smash-hit song. Accordingly, Angela Aki’s original album “ANSWER” which contained the above mentioned song ranked number one in Hong Kong Chart and stayed on top 10 in 55 consecutive weeks.
Fans in Hong Kong have long waited for Angela to come over, and she was surrounded by many fans and medias when she arrived at the airport. During the mini-live at PopCorn Mall on June 30th-, she performed 3 songs including “Tegami〜Haikei Juhgono kimie〜” at Popcorn Mall on June 30th and the venue was filled with deafening cries of joy from the audiences. Her schedule was fully packed with as many as 50 media interviews in 2 days short stay over there. She commented eagerly “I want to keep trying much harder as a working mother. I think that’s what every mothers are doing!” .
Her new single ‘Kokuhaku’ which has a tie-in to the smash-hit animation “Uchu-kyodai” will be her first release after her maternity leave. Also the release of her new original album ‘BLUE’ has been announced. For both front covers, Angela is wearing a skirt for her first time, which appealed to fans that she approached with new visual image.
Coupled with ‘Kokuhaku’, “Uchu” is inserted, which was remixed by both Takkyu Ishino (DENKI GROOVE) and up and coming unit 80KIDZ -as first time for Angela to have remix.

■New Single ‘Kokuhaku’

【Limited Edition】ESCL-3935〜ESCL-3936 ¥1,300(tax included)
★Specially drawn illustration digi-pack★”Kokuhaku anime ver.” Included ※Limited edition til end of September

【Standard Edition】ESCL-3937 ¥1,050(tax included)
【Tie-in】*”Kokuhaku”:TV animation “Uchukyodai” ending theme song :Every Sunday 7am- On-aired Yomiuri TV/ Nippon Television
<Track listing>01. Kokuhaku 02. Kokuhaku-Takkyu Ishino remix - 03. Uchu -80KIDZ remix- 04. Kokuhaku –Anime ver.-(Limited Edition only)
■New Original Album!’BLUE’

【First Limited Edition】ESCL-3938〜ESCL-3939 ¥3,500(tax-included)
【Standard Edition】ESCL-3940 ¥3,059(tax-included)
“Kokuhaku” TV animation “Uchukyodai” ending theme song :Every Sunday 7am- On-aired Yomiuri TV/ Nippon Television
“One Family –Uchu no Nagisa Special Version-“(NHK special “Uchu no Nagisa)
In total of 13 songs.
<Track listing>
2. Kokuhaku
3. Foolish Love
4. Koi no kakehiki
5. Cry
6. In My Blood
7. You and I
8. Monster
9. Kokoro no tenki yohou
10. Factory
11. Yoakemaeno inori
12. BLUE
13. One Family-Uchu no nagisa Special version-
First Limited edition DVD, “Kokuhaku” music video etc.
Special footages to be included.(TBD)
■New DVD&Bluray

‘HOME SWEET HOME “5YEARS”〜Best hit and all request〜in Budokan + Awa no MY KEYS〜Piano acoustic live in Asty Tokushima ‘
Blu-ray:ESXL20 ¥6,980(tax in)DVD:ESBL2319-20 ¥5,980(tax in)※two sets
Special fottage of Best hit Budokan concert of Dec.26 2010 and Awa no MY KEYS〜Piano acoustic live in Asty Tokushima which held on the same year.
≪Headliner Tour special HP≫
≪Angela Aki Official HP≫