Ai Minami


Won “King Records Hit Shourei Sho” with “Hakusen Nagashi”.
The song “Kitaguni Roman” became the “9th Michinoku Kayou Renmei Suisenka”.
The “’Kitaguni Roman’ All Japan Karaoke Competition” was held at the Sekiguchidai Studio.
Made a guest appearance at the Japanese-American cultural exchange karaoke in Hawaii.
Made a guest appearance at the Taiwanese union cultural exchange tour.
Performed at Nakano Sun Plaza for the 115th anniversary of Yamano Gakki, the 75th anniversary concert of King Records, and the “King Records All Star Kayou Parade”.
Has starred in numerous TV/Radio programs including NHK’s “Hiru no Sanpomichi”.
In October 2011, changed her stage name to “Ai Minami” from “Ai Hanasaki”.
In December 2011, transferred to Teichiku.
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