Ai Inoue


Birthday: January 12, 1987 (25)
Place of birth: Tagawa County, Fukuoka Prefecture
Instruments: Pianom and Guitar
Ai Inoue started playing music inspired by The Carpenters and Kazuo Zaitsu.
She became the champion at Nodojiman Fukuoka prefecture Okagaki-cho competition at the age of 16.
She was recognized as three star artist by “Tonkotsu TV” by NHK Fukuoka Station in 2008, and she went to Tokyo right after university graduation.
She made her major record debut from NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS with a single titled “Kotae”.
“Kotae” was picked for the ending theme song for “Shinkankaku Game Questa” on NHK, and she also made her dream of singing live at NHK Kayo Concert come true.
She is also doing other vocal gigs such as doing vocals for commercials, back up singing, and narration, as well as her artist career.
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