Sayuri Ishikawa


Sayuri-Ishikawa Sayuri Ishikawa,is one of the most popular enka singer. She is a popular contestant on the annual NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen broadcast, having appeared 32 times since 1977. Ishikawa made her name performing the classic “Tsugarukaikyo-Fuyugeshiki”. She has released 11 albums and over 100 singles.
Ishikawa grew up during enka’s heyday and used to go with her mother and grandmother to see Hibari Misora perform. “I loved singing,” she recalls. When she was 14, Ishikawa entered a singing contest, which she won. She finished her schooling but didn’t go to university, entering show business instead. Her biggest hit, Tsugaru Straits – Winter Scene(Tsugarukaikyo-Fuyugeshiki), was released in 1977.
Ichiro Suzuki (Seattle Mariners), a major league player, chose Sayuri Ishikawa’s “Amagi-goe” as a AT-BAT MUSIC of 2008 with “Ishin Denshin” and “Royal Chocolate Flush” of Misia. She re-recorded this song with Marty Friedman for Ichiro.
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