Seri Ishikawa


Real name is Seidy Inoue. Born in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
In 1971, sang the song “Hachigatsu no Nureta Suna”, which became the theme song for the movie “Hachigatsu no Nureta Suna”. Made her record debut in 1972.
After her marriage in 1978, she quit music for some time until she released a new album in 1995. The album was produced by composer Toru Takemitsu, which featured a brand new sound, different from that of his previous works. In 2002, held her first concert in 19 years at Tokyo Akasaka AC Center. In 2004, suffered from aortic dissection. In April 2008, released her first original song in 8 years. In May, held concerts at 3 locations. Husband is Yosui Inoue. Has 3 children, of which one of them is Sarasa Ifu. Her sister is ROMY (Hiromi Ishikawa).
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