Kanami Ayano


Kanami Ayano is a former top star (musumeyaku) for Moon Troupe of Takarazuka Revue. She joined the revue company in 1997 and became the top star along with Jun Sena, a former troupe mate from Flower Troupe. She is from Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, her birthday is August 7 and her nickname is Mihoko.
She is the first of her class to reach the top.
She resigned from the company on July 6, 2008 after finishing the Tokyo performance of Me and My Girl.
Starting her career in Flower Troupe, she gradually developed her performing skill and when she is in the new actor production of Speakeasy, she caught people’s attention. During that time, she had participated two Bow Hall musical: Romeo and Juliet ’99 starring Natsuki Mizu, whom she would with in Comso Troupe later on; and Manon starring Sena, her current top star partner. Her portray as Manon won praises and applause.
When she was transferred to Cosmo Troupe, she understudied for the part of legard Mari Hanafusa and one of them is Turandot from Calaf & Turandot, whom both she and Hanafusa won praises on the portray. Also she teamed up with Mizu in the performance of Figaro!. She steadily became the second tier musumyaku and took charge of singing the etoile in Cosmo Troupe. In 2004, she teamed up with Yūga Yamato as Zelda Fitzgerald in the Bow Hall musical Last Party: S. Fitzgerald’s last day.
After 8 months with no musumyaku-top-star for Moon Troupe, she reunioned with Sena with the perfoamance of Ernest in Love as their debut as top star.
In 2006, she repraised her role as Zelda by teaming up with fellow star (as well as a classmate and good friend of Sena) Yūhi Ōzora for the Moon’s repraise of Last Party: S. Fitzgerald’s last day.
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