Hemenway / Collaboration Live with Naoki Urasawa at JAPAN EXPO 2012


After the release of their 3rd new single “Escape” on 5/23, Hemenway are getting ready to set off on their journey to France for “JAPAN EXPO 2012,” the biggest festival in Europe for Japanese culture and entertainment. In addition to their stages already scheduled for the expo, Hemenway will perform a collaboration live with Naoki Urasawa, a popular manga artist best known for “20th Century Boys / 21st Century Boys” and “BILLY BAT.”
The members of Hemenway first met at Berkelee College of Music in Boston, USA. After graduation, Isaac(Vo/Gt) and Charm(Gt), Korean Americans who admired Japanese rock so much, came to Japan to in hopes to pursue their dream of making a band in Japan. Soon joined by Ogaching(Ba) and Toshi(Dr), Hemenway paved their way to major debut on 11/02/2011. Upon their debut, their first single was made available for digital download in 15 countries in efforts to reach out to different corners around the world with their music.
With such a global background and their later singles in collaboration with anime works, they were granted an invitation to “JAPAN EXPO 2012.” Now, with Naoki Urasawa also participating in the expo, Hemenway are brining a dream-come-true collaboration live with this renowned manga artist and an active musician to everyone who will join “JAPAN EXPO 2012.” This collaboration will be something so extraordinary that you will never be able to witness elsewhere. Don’t miss out on this phenomenal collaboration of the 21st century!
Release Information:
Released on 5/23/2012
【Time-Limited Special Edition(CD)】(available only until 6/30/2012)
KSCL-2037 / 1,350 yen (tax incl.)
*with a special “EUREKA SEVEN AO” digipack sleeve & a special “EUREKA SEVEN AO” sticker
【1st Limited Edition(CD)】
KSCL-2036 / 1,223 yen (tax incl.)
*in an index-tab package
“Escape” Overseas Digital Download
US iTunes:
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UK iTunes:
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France iTunes:
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Korea Melon:
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“L’Arc~en~Ciel TRIBUTE”
Release on 6/13/2012
KSCL 2070 / 3,200 yen(tax incl.)
Live Information:
6/1(Fri ) “G-BEAT SHOCKS”
OPEN 18:00 / START18:30
6/2(Sat) “LACHIC presents SAKAE SP-RING 2012”
OZON, Nagoya / START 12:00
6/16(Sat) “SOGOPR.0616”
UNIT, Daikanyama
OPEN 15:30 / START 16:00
Artist Lineup: Hemenway / THE Hitch Lowke / bomi / Plan-B / and more
6/19(Tues) “bright spot”
GARDEN, Shimokitazawa
OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00
Artist Lineup: Hemenway / NOVELS / and more
6/22(Fri) “AIR-G’ NOW&NEXT Vol.6”
OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30
Artist Lineup: Brand New Vibe / Allies / Hemenway
Hemenway’s stage will be on 7/7(Sat) and 7/8(Sun).
Venue: J.E. Live House at Nord Villepinte Exhibition Hall / Paris, France
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