Shoko Nakagawa / “Cosplay☆Best ━━ (゚∀゚) ━━ Championships!!”


Shoko Nakagawa, celebrating her 10th anniversary since her debut this year is releasing her best album “Shokotan☆Best━━(゚∀゚)━━!!” on May 2. The album includes all the singles and songs from “Shokotan☆Covers” series. You can see all the history of Shokotan from the best album!
Shokotan, who’s going to tour in Asia in summer, has been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador to the Hong Kong S.A.R by Hong Kong Tourist Board!
On Kawaii girl Japan, “Cosplay☆Best ━━(゚∀゚)━━Championships!!” is being held to celebrate the release of her first best album. The event is unique to Shokotan whose fans are famous for doing cosplays at the live. We hope you send us your photos and comments on this hot live.
In this campaign, “Women Only” can apply their cosplays for the competition. The deadline is set on May 27, Sunday. The winner will get Original postcard autographed by Shokotan.
We want your photos in cosplays taken from Shokotan’s live costumes, CD jackets, or animation characters she has been associated with. In the campaign page on Kawaii girl Japan, you can see the Shokotan’s original video clip and Live reporting from”Shoko Nakagawa LV UP LIVE Cho☆Yaonsai”.

Shoko Nakagawa
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