Hiroyuki Chida


Composer, Singer and Producer
1978 Awarded the Grand Prix Prize at CBS Sony Audition “Young Young Contest”
1980 Awarded Grand Prix at the “Young Music Festival” sponsored by NHK.
1984-1998 Halted musical career.
1999 Produced “Teshigotoya Kichibei”
2002 Produced Koji Oda’s (from Brass Band BIG HORNS BEE) solo album “PIECES OF THE MOON”.
2003 Produced “DRAMA-TIX” for the Platinum Partners, an African American chorus quartet.
2003 Produced “Ferris Wheel” for JzCraze led by trumpet player Mr. Hotokezaka of the NHK Symphony Orchestra
2003 co-produced Yoshio Takahashi’s single “Yukiwatari” with Tokuma Japan.
2005 Started composing alongside producing
2005 February, worked on the composition of Yang Chen’s (singer from Xian China) third single “Hakumoku Ren”, chosen for NHK New Radio Song February – March,
2006 January, worked on the composition of Yang Chen’s fourth single “Aisurukotoshika Dekinai”
2006 November, worked on producing and composing for Akira, released “Pageant Light” at the Pageant of Starlight festival in Sendai in 2008. Currently working to revive the songs from the good old days (“Mezase!! Supa Kayou Project”).
2007 July, worked on composing “Watshini Ainikite” for Kiyomi.
2008 Resumed activity as Hiroyuki Chida based on the many requests from the music industry.
2009 The rough mix version of his unreleased song “Uttatteyo Showa Blues” caught the attention of cable broadcasting officials and despite being unreleased was used as June’s heavy rotation song and ranked in second for most inquiries on the cable chart.
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