Vo.  Yoshito Nakamura
Gt.  Hideaki Imai
Ba.  Jun Hashimoto
Dr.  Hidehisa Kitani
ODD-BOWZ was formed in Nagasaki prefecture on April first in 1984. The band name means “Vagabond” in their dialect.
In 1989, they had their major label debut with an album “DITRY MARKET”.
In 1994, they terminated their contract with the label and management and founded their own private office “L.S.D”. After several member changes, the formation settled on Yoshito Nakamura (lead vo, guitar and harp), Hideaki Imai (guitar and vocal), Jun Hashimoto (Bass and Bv), and Hidehisa Kitani (Drums).1
Their performance is 4 hour long with over 40 songs and they have been doing it for more than 10 years. Their vitality and passion for live performance is respected by other musicians.
2015 April marks their 31st anniversary.
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