MC: Diggy-MO’
MC: Bro.Hi
Programming: Shinnosuke
SOUL’d OUT is a Japanese hip-hop band that consists of three members: Diggy-MO’ (Main MC), Bro. Hi (MC/Human Beat Box), and Shinnosuke (Trackmaster). They did the second ending theme for Yakitate!! Japan, called “To All Tha Dreamers”. Their name is a portmanteau of “soul (music)” and “sold out”.
SOUL’d OUT stands at the forefront of Japan’s hip-hop scene today. Comprising an MC, a beatboxer, and a DJ, the threesome creates music with a distinctly mid 90’s American feel as opposed to the reggae that infuses much of Japan’s other hip-hop.
The three have collaborated with numerous artists in addition to releasing their own music, and Shinnosuke, the DJ or “Trackmaster,” has been involved in creating music for major artists. For example, he is credited with writing the music to Arashi’s 2006 hit, Kitto Daijoubu. While not as major as m-flo or Rip Slyme, SOUL’d OUT is a significant force to watch in the commercial J-Urban scene.
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