RAG FAIR are an unusual occurrence in Jpop, a band whose strongest material comes when they don’t rely on instruments to back them up. This 6-piece a capella band use their vocals as their instruments with the variations in singer from tenors to baritone, and most notably an extremely talented beatboxer and vocal bassist.
Four members are vocalists: Yosuke Hikichi, Tsuchiya Reo, Arai Kenichi and Kato Yoshiyuki, although Tsuchiya Reooften takes the lead vocals. Kanou Takamasa is the vocal bassist and Okumura Masayoshi is the beatboxing vocal ‘percussion’ of the band.
Vocals: Tsuchiya Reo
Vocals: Hikichi Yosuke
Vocals: Arai Kenichi
Vocals: Kato Yoshiyuki
Bass: Kano Takamasa
Percussion: Okumura Masayoshi
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