pe’zmoku was formed on last 2007. The jazz group PE’Z noticed Suzumoku young singer just starting with the same label as him and decides to work with him for a resumption of international standard Nica’s Dream. Suzumoku brings the freshness of his singing and a touch of folk to jazz to mature PE’Z. The collaboration continues as a new digital single in last February 2008 and intensified since the same mini-album is planned for July. This will contain the previously released two singles from the iTunes Store, and three new songs. The group grew in DefSTAR RECORDS, a division of Sony, Galop, the song which gives its title to the album, was chosen as the theme of the end of the Bleach animated series aired on TV Tokyo.
Ohyama Wataru : Trumpet, Leader
Hiizumi Masayuki : Claviers
Nirehara Masahiro : Contrabass
Kadota Kousuke : Saxo
Kou : Drums
suzumoku : Singer, Guitare
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