the mornings


Junya Kishino (Vo., Gt.)
Keika Kemono (Dr.)
Shinpei Watanabe (Vo., Gt., Synth)
DJ Larry (B.)
The band was formed in 2003.
They perform in various places with impulsive, stimulating concerts where accidents are waiting to happen. Their sound is signified by having post-hardcore~punk sound at its base, which is blended with musical ideas from countless other genres, yet having catchy phrases and lyrics.
They have been featured in various compilation CDs from HIP HOP, indie rock, punk etc….
The paradoxical state caused by their versatility in which they can “belong to any musical genre”, yet simultaneously, “cannot belong to any musical genre” makes them a force to be reckoned with.
In 2005, toured the US through self-promotion.
Have been promoting many events at an incredible pace.
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