R&B singer-songwriter.
In December 2009, released “REPLAY ~next lifetime~ feat. Mr. Low-D, DJ LAW” which became popularized through live performances, the Internet and word-of-mouth, became a YouTube sensation, accumulating more than a million plays in no time. This was the primary factor which put his success into motion.
In July 2010, released the singles “Kiseki feat. Hiromi” and “MY LIFE feat. SEEDA” at the same time. “Kiseki feat. Hiromi” marked first place in “Recochoku Club Full” and “Uta Tomo”, and marked 11th in the general rankings.
In August, released the full-length album “Words and Notes”, and the majority of the tracks on the album became top sellers on both “Recochoku” and iTunes, and appeared on the “Oricon Charts” more than 7 times. Needless to say, the album was a big success.
After the release of “Words and Notes”, many artists, both from major and indie labels, offered to feature him in their songs. As a result, he was featured in 17 tracks within a span of roughly a year. His name appeared on numerous top charts, and there wasn’t a day that you didn’t see him on TV during that time. This led to a so-called “CIMBA phenomenon”.
In April 2011, he made an appearance at the “Sapporo Collection”, the biggest fashion event in Japan, alongside Kana Nishino, 3rd generation J Soul Brothers, and other top artists. He was the opening act of the event.
In May, the song “REWIND feat. CIMBA, DJ LAW” was released as an answer song to his swansong “REPLAY ~next lifetime~ feat. Mr. Low-D, DJ LAW”, and marked 1st place in “Recochoku Club Uta” (and “Full”) weekly rankings.
In July, the song “Knock Me Down feat. CAMEL (Allies)” was featured as the commercial song for the famous hair salon in Roppongi “Noz Michio Nozawa Hair Produce”. The commercial had a relatively long run: between July 19th to October 18th.
Finally, a single cut “Memory Lane” from the yet-to-come new album was released. A Dai Ichi Koushou’s October tie-up, “D-PUSH” has also been solidified.
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