THE GROOVERS was formed as a four-piece band in 1988, making their debut from Alpha Records. After releasing three albums, the vocalist left the band. As a three-piece band led by Kazuhiko Fujii on vocal, they signed with Polydor to restart, releasing six albums and one best album.
In the spring of 2000, they left the label and production company, and went indie. After releasing “Troovaholic” in 2002 exclusively at the venues, and a best album “SETZNA” from Mbtunes, acclaimed by the industry.
 They successfully released “Modern Boogie Syndicate” from the same label by pre-order system, which was still rare at that time, leading to the release of a live album “Rough Triangle” and the latest “ROUTE 09”.
The trio creates their style the thrilling and explosive rhythm section. Their lyric is cool and deep. All of them is combined into one performance when they perform live.
 Kazuhiko Fujii also supported the reunion of Zuno Keisatsu in 1990 and 1991, and after 2001. Also he works as the guitarist for “SION & MOGAMI”. Yasuchika Fujii joined P-MODEL between 1991 and 1993, known for his skill and tasteful playing style, playing for PANTA, Masato Tomobe, Motoharu Sano, Kenji Sawada, Kururi, Kumiko Yamashita, Chisako Mikami. Bands such as BUMP OF CHICKEN, and GO!GO!7188 name them as their influence. They are respected by all the generations.
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